Specimen: ansp:fish:113496, Arothron manilensis

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Specimen Information

MorphoSource Identifier: S7759
Reference Source: Vouchered
Occurrence ID: urn:lod.ansp.org/catalog:ANSP:FISH:ANSP113496_A8045D5F-888A-45D3-8218-8DC13B18182E_2015-5-14

Notes: imported from iDigBio. uuid:9e3785a7-07b0-4f15-b13f-e13c702c3a67 Occurrence ID:urn:lod.ansp.org/catalog:ansp:fish:ansp113496_a8045d5f-888a-45d3-8218-8dc13b18182e_2015-5-14

Locality: little hope island; middle of w end of island.

Institution: Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Specimen Media

M17252, 1 file
Arothron manilensis - images/ slice data/ log data