MorphoSource Terms and Conditions

In order to use MorphoSource, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

You, as a user, agree to terms of ethical conduct on MorphoSource. This means you will not utilize data for purposes which are forbidden by creative commons copyright settings applied to each dataset without written permission from the data owner (copyright holder). You agree not to exploit loopholes to utilize data in disallowed ways.

You agree to adhere to both data author and data owner wishes regarding acknowledgment and citation of their data as specified in the metadata fields of the media files and media groups on MorphoSource.

You agree not to use the MorphoSource interface for commercial purposes or financial gain unless the administrators of MorphoSource have been notified of and approve this use in writing. You agree to accept and adhere to any decisions or conditions MorphoSource administrators, directorship, or Duke University may render regarding your requests for commercial use of the site, including disallowing it.

You agree that neither MorphoSource, its directorship, Duke University, nor data owners are responsible for any problems with data accessed from this site, nor are these entities liable for any damage that may come from its use. You agree that data quality and availability are not guaranteed on this site.

You agree that MorphoSource and data authors retain the right to unpublish previously published datasets that have not had digital object identifiers (DOIs) assigned to them.

As a data owner (copyright holder), you agree not to hold MorphoSource responsible for data authors that illicitly access your data and publish it on MorphoSource without your permission.

As a contributor/data author, you agree to only publish with open access or to share upon request data that are yours or that you have explicit, written permission from the copyright holder to use in this way. You also agree to respect data owner requests for copyright settings and acknowledgment details. You agree that it is your responsibility to be aware of the ownership and any restrictions on sharing of the data you hold as specified by the owner.

As a data author, you agree that MorphoSource does not guarantee the permanence or the quality of data on MorphoSource and is not liable for its loss.

You also agree that MorphoSource does not guarantee the security of the data, and recommends that users only load datasets they plan to make publically visible in the near term.

Likewise, you agree not use MorphoSource as a long term private archive for your data and acknowledge that if such use persists, you may be asked to publish your data, to pay for use of MorphoSource servers, or to remove your data.

You agree that MorphoSource reserves the right to request that users remove any datasets without DOIs, and any projects or user accounts without specifying a reason. You agree that MorphoSource may also remove your datasets, projects or accounts without your consent after due notification.

You agree that MorphoSource reserves the right to deny your request to become a contributor without providing a reason. You agree that MorphoSource can downgrade your account to prevent you from uploading more data without providing a reason.

You agree that MorphoSource can deny your request to assign DOI’s to a dataset without providing a reason.

You agree that MorphoSource administrators, directorship, and Duke University will not tolerate intentional misuse of the site and may prosecute any purposefully, or neglectfully damaging activity.

Some aspects of these terms may be superseded by existing Memoranda of Understanding between Duke University and particular contributing institutions.