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The Visible Interactive Pachycephalosaur. These open access resources—both here on MorphoSource and on the Ohio University site—present our work on the 3D anatomical structure of the skull of pachycephalosaurs, which are Cretaceous ornithischian dinosaurs. Three species are featured: (1) the holotype fossil skull of Stegoceras validum (UALVP 2), collected from the Dinosaur Park Formation of Alberta, Canada, and housed at the University of Alberta; (2) two fossil skulls of Sphaerotholus edmontonensis (MRF 360, MRF 361), collected from the Hell Creek Formation of southwestern North Dakota and housed at the Marmarth Research Foundation; and (3) a cast of the holotype skull of Prenocephale prenes (ZPAL MgD-1/104) collected from the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia. These resources are outgrowths of our more technical work and are intended to serve as STEM educational aids for K–12 and undergraduate students, as well as researchers. The Stegoceras and Sphaerotholus specimens were CT scanned at the University of Texas at Austin, and the cast of Prenocephale was CT scanned at OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital in Athens, Ohio. The scientific work on this project was done by several WitmerLab members, including Jason Bourke, Ruger Porter, James Nassif, Ryan Ridgely, and Larry Witmer. More content will be added in the future. The project is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation.

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MRF:MRF 360, Sphaerotholus edmontonensis

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MRF:MRF 361, Sphaerotholus edmontonensis

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UALVP:UALVP-2, Stegoceras validum

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